When does mother hood begin, and how far does it extend? In my experience, from the very moment you become preg­nant, a connection begins to develop in an inner world. It is this transcending physical experience between you and this being separate from you, yet at the same time fully cast into you in a way that it feels like an extension of yourself. You begin connect conscious­ly to this state that you are in, taking care of each moment of the day. As advance into preg­nancy, you start to notice in your womb each of their move­ments and then become en­tirely aware of this living being inside you. A human being that depends entirely on you for its wellbeing & safety.

From this powerful and trans­formative realisation, emerges the maternal instinct. You feel you must protect your child from what is outside in your zone of interaction. From sud­den movements or jerks that might hurt your child. This in­tense connection in which you take upon yourself the singu­lar role to be conscious of your child’s welfare, to love it and be generous with it in your own recognition of the miracle of life that Allah has placed in your interior. This great treasure inside of you never imagined or comprehend could exist.

You start to communicate with your baby in a satu­rated state where there is a full knowledge between you and a completion that engulfs you both in an intimacy without words. You hold it, you caress it and wait expectantly until fi­nally that day arrives that you desired so much. You see this child; you know this child and embrace him/her with the tenderest affections.

Childbirth is indeed anoth­er miracle, where life and death are held together by thin thread. You are taken to this point and from emerges a life. You make Dua for your child’s life, that it be long, that it be healthy. In my experience as a mother of six children, I can assure you that with each child, I have felt the same bond and awaited their arriv­al with the same anticipation.

After this begins the sec­ond phase of your moth­erhood, and it consists of a continuous giving of your­self. You give your love; your patience; your work; time & guidance; care of all kinds and there is no substitute to your child’s need for your care to be around them. Your concern and care for your child enve­lopes you in a sphere where your own existence is half felt. You feel well as if you don’t need anything except the abili­ty to keep caring for the needs of your child.

Then your child continuous to grow up and you have been given the task of guiding him/ her. To me the most important thing to transmit to your child is the Love and Mercy of Allah that surrounds them in crea­tion. As Raine Maria Rilke once said, “learn to grow in a love so vast, that you may walk to the ends of the earth and nev­er step out of it.” (Letters to a young poet).

When a woman’s life en­ters into motherhood, her life becomes a continuous service to other then herself. From that, their children to see it, feel it within them and learn to rec­ognise it, in an inner condition where selfishness cannot take hold of them. They learn and awaken to a generosity and service that extends to all that surround them, left looking exclusively to them and their lives a continuous service to all who need them.