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Islam Here Pty Ltd has been in operation since 2014 and produces ISLAM HERE Newspaper publication. Islam Here Pty Ltd is a self-publishing and marketing platform that addresses the needs of the Muslim professionals in South Africa. ISLAM HERE was founded by Nabeel Abdalhaqq in 2014, and is independently owned. The company includes a team of design, Internet and sales staff who share a passion for helping the project succeed in the South African market as well as in its bordering states. ISLAM HERE has produced the print publication as well as its Online counter-part since 2014 and is today distributed on a monthly basis. The ISLAM HERE team is committed to the creation of a unique brand that encourages growth and expansion as well as an image of Islam being the middle way at its core and values as a promoting factor to the betterment of society. ISLAM HERE is also committed to providing employment as well as social development and learning within the broader community to build a better environment for the youth and future of the country.


EDITOR Profile

Nabeel Abdalhaqq is the Editor of ISLAM HERE Newspaper and sole Owner of Islam Here Pty Ltd. He is originally from Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal and relocated to Cape Town 10 years ago. After studying Business Economics at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, he then studied Politics and Economic History at the University of Cape Town. There after continued to develop his passion for teaching by obtaining a skill of EDTP Facilitator & Assessor through the EDTP SETA and facilitated design courses locally in Cape Town at The Academy of Guilds Design College in Woodstock. Over the past 10 years he has developed further in
the skill areas of Social Media, Copy-writing, Media Marketing, Blogging, Communications , Digital Media, Public Relations, Editing, Advertising, Journalism, Publishing, and Video Production. Previous Editor in Chief of VIP Magazine and Director of TAG Laser, he initiated the ISLAM HERE publication in March of 2014 and continues as it’s Editor in Chief currently to date. (Click icon to view profile on linked-in)



ISLAM HERE Newspaper started in March 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. As Muslim South Africans, we realised that the world we lived in had dramatically changed 20 years into democracy. On the outside of things we saw that opportunity had opened up to the Muslim community in consideration for their role collectively in the abolition of Apartheid and transition in to the new regime in the country. Industry, the economy, academia and the political sphere had opened up its doors in an unprecedented way and today, although constituting only less then 5%, are represented on all levels of South African society right up to government. On the inside of things, as South Africa had opened up to the world with economic brands and presence, the Muslim community began to feel a continued isolation when met against a global background of affairs. From the events of 2001, to the present day, Muslim South Africans have been challenged in terms of identity and trajectory forced between a global image of Muslims and our place in South African society. As John Pilger once said, “The Information Age is actually a Media Age.”

And so therefore we saw a need to brand a traditional Islam for the Media Age together with a sophisticated analysis underpinning the geopolitical and financial issues that develop into ideological constructs that effect the Muslim world. A brand that will be able to stand internationally against and challenge global narratives by presenting the Middle Way. Something we believe is a uniquely South African approach with a 300 year history of tradition and identity, harmoniously balanced and integrated, whilst maintaining core values. To see the overwhelming Muslim contribution to South African society today and not see its roots in the religion of Islam and the embodiment of its essential values by its constituents leading to the Justice and Freedom we now experience, is to blindly follow the current narrative and dishonour the true spirit of the South African legacy for struggle of Justice. ISLAM HERE is about the creation of a unique brand
that encourages growth and expansion. In the present context of Muslim relations not extending beyond two equally extreme repositories within the global media, there was a need to develop a third. One that was able to encompass both the dynamic of an ever changing landscape but also maintain a sense of equilibrium by holding to an existential truth about Islam’s identity. ISLAM is Active; Visible & Practiced among People. In essence what ISLAM HERE is. My Job as director is not only to continually create and build this brand, but to seek opportunity in every relevant industry for its growth.

Nabeel Abdalhaqq

Editor of ISLAM HERE