THE SOURCE is set in a small village somewhere the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. For as long as anyone can remember, the women of the community have fetched water from a mountaintop spring in the blazing sun. “The Source” is the story of women, young and old, who fetch water far from their arid mountain village, while their men sit and watch the world go by. Frustrated by this, a young bride, played by the French-Algerian actress Leila Bekhti, works on her entourage, and urges the other women to strike: No more sex until their men go to work.

This modern “Lysistrata” has strong, beautiful women singing, dancing and suffering. For they are punished for their audacity: Leila, the bride who may be sterile, risks becoming an outcast and being replaced; another woman is beaten by her husband in earshot of the entire family, punished for her disobedience. Both Serious and Real, Their are some comedic moments throughout the film that bring you back from the harsh realities of life and undoubtedly  place you in a position where you identify with every character. They struggle to find meaning lost in the desert with fulfilling no sense of purpose other then to survive in modernity in this film about the source of women.